365 Photo Project

Last year I started a 365 photo project. Me being me, did not start on the first of the year like you’re supposed to, I started on the 14th. I used this as an excuse to do the same project again for 2011, only this time I started on the 1st.

The reason I started this was to get myself back in to practice with my photography. I would go through my camera and notice that sometimes a week would pass and I hadn’t taken a single picture. This was extremely rare and disappointing to me, as I am that person; the one that shoves a camera in everyones faces at parties, the one that usually experiences things through a view finder, definitely the one that photographically documents everything no matter how insignificant.

So, my mission is as follows: I will take a picture that is somewhat relevant to my day, everyday, for a year.

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I'm so bad at profiles...
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