So…I’ve started a blog

Well, like the title says; I’ve started a blog.

I’ve had journals before; I’m sure all of us have had one in some shape or form. My weapon of choice was Livejournal until today. Well, that’s a lie. Livejournal is still around, but mostly because I still like the communities and people that I know from them. That is beside the point though. The fact of the matter is I have finally given in to the world of blogging. My ridiculously disjointed thoughts and opinions are about to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting internet community and there is nothing they can do about it.

Anyways, the thing that separates this blog from journals I’ve kept in the past is mostly punctuation and a new found care for grammar.  I suppose this won’t delve quite as deeply in to my disorganized brain as my other journal, but that’s ok, people don’t need to know everything about me. There are very few that really do anyways, and I like it that way. That being said there is probably quite a bit that will show up on this that people didn’t know. Whether it’s because I haven’t told them, or that they are random readers from the internet, in which case “Hi, I’m Mackenzie.”

The basics are; I’m a 23 year old living in the suburbs of Seattle Washington, Kirkland to be exact, though that will change to Bothell in about two weeks here. I recently gave up on my beloved job at an artsy coffee shop for a corporate sterile job at a bank. It came with benefits and a greatly increased paycheck, so I suppose I’m OK with it. I have a sister who is 18 and a mom who is 53, I love them of course, they are family. I actually have quite a few families, some have come and gone, others have stuck around, that is a story for another day though. My mom and sister are the constants. I have a boyfriend; we’ve been together for coming up on 5 years now. I use the term “been together” quite literally, because for most of those “almost five years” we’ve been either on-and-off, or undefined, but together was the important part no matter what we called it. We call it something now, hence the word boyfriend, I quite prefer it this way. Me and my crazy brain need some sort of solidity, due to the fact that I create so much chaos for myself. On to my friends, they are amazing. They put up with the fact that I tend to disappear for months at a time, and welcome me back like it never happened when I decide to be social again. They don’t judge my sometimes twisted sense of humor, and they dress up like zombies with me. Generally they are amazing.

OK, I’m moderately satisfied with this intro post. I think that about covers the essentials of an “about me” post. In any case, I don’t feel like writing about myself anymore. The rest will, I’m sure, be covered in time.

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I'm so bad at profiles...
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7 Responses to So…I’ve started a blog

  1. Nice post! And good luck with the blog adventure!
    Me and my boyfriend have started a blog recently too.

    • mackenziewho says:


      Also thats awesome for you guys! My boyfriend isn’t much of a writer so I think if we had a blog it would be a little boring haha.

      • Hahahaha to be honest… I write everything! (Well, I’ve written the onlt three posts on the blog now…) He gives me “ideas” and writes some “notes”. Hahahaha, he says he’s working in something for the blog… But he doesn’t wanna tell me what!
        I’ll follow your blog ;).

      • mackenziewho says:

        Haha yea, thats about how it would be for my boyfriend and I too!

        I’ll follow you too!

  2. Its meee, Jadie! I have a wordpress but I never use it anymore haha, I just follow a few people on here ^-^

    Happppy Blogging!

  3. Thanks a lot and good luck! 😉

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