Sick days, and alone time

I’m going in to this with no idea what to write about, so I apologize if it’s a bit scattered. I stayed home sick today, and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve moved a third of the things out my room and back to my mom’s place, taken a nap and am now rotting on the couch with my cat.

I’m moving back in with my mom in two weeks, probably sooner seeing as I fail at moving things slowly. I don’t see this as a downgrade at all though, quite the opposite actually. I think I’m one of the few people out there that actually likes living with my family. My sister is alright when she’s not being angsty. (She’s 18, so you really can’t hold too much of it against her) My mom and I get along pretty well too. We didn’t used to, but really what teenager will ever get along with their parents? I have everything I want here though; family, food, cats, cable television, and I’m moving in to the room I always wanted when I was younger (I consider this a personal victory) My apartment is far too lonely to spend extended periods of time in. Which is odd because I’m somebody who really needs my “me time”. I’m weird though, in that I like to spend my “me time” with other people, if that makes sense. Or at least in the presence of other people. When I was in Jr. High my best friend and I would sit in silence for hours, just sketching. It was something we could both do on our own, there was no reason to be together while we sketched, but it was just comforting to have someone else there while getting lost in whatever it was we were drawing.

My two current forms of “me time” with other people; are watching my boyfriend play video games, and watching hours of Top Gear or Star Trek Voyager with my friend Tyler, while “testing” his latest micro brew. My boyfriend can’t for the life of him figure out why I actually enjoy watching him play video games. I understand, playing video games while your girlfriend is over is a big no no for most couples. I however am weird, also I grew up watching boys play video games, it’s a comforting thing for me. It makes him happy too, and I like seeing him happy and relaxed. So most nights I just sit there, we don’t say very much, and watch him play video games. Star Trek etc. with Tyler is great too, its almost therapeutic. It actually was a form of therapy for me over the summer, boyfriend and I had a rough patch (To say the least) and Tyler stayed up until 4am most nights drinking beer and watching Voyager with me. We’d talk about things sometimes, but mostly we just sat there and drank, and watched Star Trek in silence. Its the silence that is all important, it’s what separates “me time” from hang outs. There is just something comforting about doing the things you would do by yourself with other people present.

I think it’s an essential part of the human condition to be social. Without other people, we would all go crazy, there would be nobody there share experiences with, or just witness life with you. I also think that with the way that society is, alone time has become all important. It makes perfect sense to me that those two needs would meet in the middle eventually. Thus creating my form of “me time”. It’s not for everybody, but seeing as I haven’t gone (too) crazy yet, it seems to be working well for me so far.

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