20 years doesn’t seem so far away when you put it that way…

Some of my favorite moments happen while just lying around in bed. (Get your mind out of the gutter…) What I mean by that is that regardless of being with someone or just in your own bed by yourself its a good time to sort out your day and let your mind wander without the consequences of missing something important, like a phone call at work due to being too wrapped up in your own thoughts. Some of the best and worst conversations I’ve ever had have been while just lying around killing time before its time to actually try and sleep.

That being said, I had an awful day at work yesterday. I’m not going in to detail because it’s not anything that is anyone’s business who I haven’t already told. That and honestly I’d like to just get over it rather than wallow in self pity and blind hatred. The point of the bad day is that it was just another day that helped reaffirm, once again, that I’m making the right choice come August. In the mean time there are things to sign up for and certifications to be earned…after I get paid.

Anyways after having a good rant about my day to boyfriend we were just lying there and he comes out with “where do you want to be in 20 years, don’t think about it, just answer.” So I immediately spit out “I want to be a teacher by then” of course, then continue on with a bunch of other things like “I want to have lived overseas for a few years, preferably England and even more preferably Brighton” don’t ask me how I’ve decided on Brighton, I’ve only ever seen pictures but judging from the pictures it looks like an amazing place. “I sure as hell better have been to Greece by then, and a bunch of other places…I hope I’m happy with my life by then…” which isn’t to say that I’m not happy with my life right now, honestly I think that 23 has been one of my favorite years, as far as people in my life, family, etc…But being happy with my life ultimately means being happy with every aspect, including job situation, school, self image etc…

As far as addressing any of the issues I currently have with my life I haven’t made a whole lot of progress. Its one thing to say “I want to do this!”, actually doing it is a completely different thing. That being said, I’m making sure to sign up for my CDA certification on this coming paycheck. No excuses, no nothing. This is my first step!

PhotobucketOh yea, and this is Brighton…how could you not want to at least try living there?

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