My name is Mackenzie, I’m 23, I’m a female of the human persuasion, and I live in the Seattle area. (in Washington state for those of you that don’t know) Those are all facts, but they’re hardly defining characteristics of who I am.

So let’s see here…We can start with likes. Things I like are;
-Photography, I’m sure if you decide to follow me that this love will become quite obvious.
-Coffee, I live in Seattle and was a barista for four and a half years, of course I love coffee.
-Music, don’t we all? Make sure it has some substance though please, no bitches and hoes for me.
-Going to other cities to do the same thing you do in your own city. There is something great about going somewhere completely different to see people doing the same thing you do at home. It’s comforting.
-Thrifting, I always seem to have amazing luck with it.
-Thai food, pad se ew or cashew chick please.
-Anything zombies, zombie movies (the cheesier the better) and zombie walks. Basically if there is even the slightest opportunity to dress up like a zombie, I will do it.
-The rain, being a Seattle girl I would hope that I liked the rain. There is something really calming and wonderful about rainy days.

The things I dislike are;
-The fact that I’m lactose intolerant. It’s horrible because I love dairy and have to look like a pill popper in order to eat it.
-Pointless music, I know some people like it. I’m kind of a music snob though, and if the lyrics are awful and only about how great whoever the artist is, I’m not interested. (Kanye, anyone?)
-Starbucks coffee, after being a barista for four and a half years I learned that Starbucks is kind of bottom of the barrel as far as coffee goes.
-Chick flicks, for the most part at least. My love life has never been perfect, and I don’t appreciate movies shoving their perfect stories in my face.
-Bathroom Scales, I don’t like it when inanimate objects have the power to ruin or make my day.
-Ignorance, your views aren’t the only ones that exist. Get over it.

Likes and dislikes always change; these are just the ones that came to mind.


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